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8th June
written by Sexo Grammaticus

There is no longer a “Blog Wing” to The 1585.  Just go to and read the normal essays.  I added a blog because people told me that my essays were too long and complicated and that I should also write short funny things to get more attention.  The result was not only that I wrote a bunch of short stupid things I didn’t care about, but also that whenever I got an idea I had to decide whether to make it something smart and long that I cared about but that no-one would read, or something short and amusing that more people would read but that I didn’t care about.  I subsequently became paralyzed with indecision and wrote nothing for three months.  So fuck that.  I am back to writing long smart essays that I care about, because that is who I am and what I do, and if people don’t want to read them then they can go fuck themselves.