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The 1585 (pronounced fifteen-eighty-five) is a sort-of-real and sort-of-fake (we're not sure) social and political movement founded in 2006, sometime around Thanksgiving if we remember correctly.  The name signifies "15% Conservative, 85% Liberal," which basically means that we are Liberals who hate P.C.

We consider ourselves philosophers who try to be as entertaining as possible so that people will actually read what we have to say.  On second thought, maybe we are comedians who just happen to make a good point now and then. The bulk of our work involves ripping on religion and other illogical movements that make life suck, including (but not limited to) campus feminism.  That being said, it also bears mentioning that we are progressive about issues of gender and consider ourselves full-fledged gender theorists.  It is just that we are the awesome kind who like porn, instead of the stupid kind who think everyone should be fat.

Those people suck.

But please understand that even though we oppose academic feminism, we are not "bros."  In fact, we hate Joe Francis and Tucker Max just as much as we hate the P.C. feminists who also hate Joe Francis and Tucker Max, if not more.  If you are someone who has felt fervently disinclined to enter either of these camps, and resented the fact that the culture holds them out as your only two options, you may feel at home here.  

The 1585 represents smart people who are sick of taking shit from stupid people, and think that smart people need to become cool, or cool people need to become smart, or both.  It is imperative, however, to clarify that we are not like those nerds who think nerds have superpowers or something.  Nor are we those insufferable goddamn Ayn Rand people.  All of those people suck.  And now that we think about it, they are pretty much the same people actually.

If you are trying to figure out whether you like us, you may use the Find-an-Issue key to see what we have to say about some issue dear to you.

    Thanks and Welcome,
    —SEXO GRAMMATICUS, Lord High Editor


Sexo Grammaticus is a graduate of Kenyon College and holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop.  He entered the field of web-based political speech inadvertently in 2004, when an e-mail he sent to friends in the wake of that year's presidential election ended up forwarded to countless people around the world, many of whom were nice enough to write back and encourage him to take up punditry.  In addition to founding The 1585, he has worked as an honorary member of atheist activists the Rational Response Squad, on which site a point-by-point response he wrote to a Christian professor became the most-viewed document in its history, though he now identifies himself as a theological noncognitivist rather than an atheist.

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